Smart Water Metering

Measure – Monitor – Manage

Smart Water Metering is a local Sunshine Coast based business providing water metering solutions and maintenance for residential and commercial properties.

Our Services

Automated Meter Reading (AMR)

Can automatically collect real-time accurate reads, data and consumption from a water meter located in an area that only the occupier has access to. The AMR can then send data to a nominated monitoring and billing company.

Retrofit Water Meters

We can retrofit water meters to existing buildings and add other devices such as leak detection, automatic water supply shut off and monitoring.

Body Corporates

Providing accurate billing of water consumption for both lot owners and common water.


Using the latest in measuring, monitoring and been able to manage the buildings water consumption.

Hydraulic Consultants

Incorporating in the design of new builds, smart water metering and AMR.

Strata Managers

Making asset management more efficient & the ease of collecting data and monitoring water consumption accurately and fairly, from a central database.

Residential Complexes

Qualified plumbers specialising in technical, mechanical AND SOFTWARE installation and maintenance for sub water meters (as per your local utility requirements). Our services help body corporates and managers of residential complexes to navigate the options for upgrading their complex to compliant sub water metering.


As part of our maintenance work, we can design a preventative maintenance schedule for residential and commercial properties.

Also the replacement of hot & cold water meters due to faults such as over reading, leaking, out of calibration and age.

Monitoring & Managing

The installation of devices such as leak detection, automatic water shut off valves, smart water meters and AMR. Ensuring that your investment is monitored whether your home or away. And managing your consumption in real-time, paying for what you use.


Smart Water Metering only uses qualified and trained technicians, guaranteeing that all work is to a high standard. We are local and ready to take on any job big or small.

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Services/Who We Are

Smart Water Metering was created to give clients a solution to individual apartment water management, helping clients pay for what you use in regards to there water consumption and billing.

From new developments to old existing buildings we can customize or retrofit a water metering system to suit your requirements.

All smart water metering equipment is industrial grade and complies with local design and construction codes and The National Measurement Institute. Using product-specific calibrating tools we can maintain existing systems.

We offer from install to invoice, including real-time reads and monitoring.  So whether you are unsure if your water meter is reading correctly or you want to measure 100 individual apartments we have the expertise.

What we use

Pay for what you use

  • Pay for only what you use, not what you haven’t used.
  • Accurate reads for billing.
  • Find water leaks faster.
  • Water conservation.
  • Landlords can allocate water bill.

Client Testimonials

Our Body Corporate in Buderim recently engaged Tony to reinstate the functionality of our scan counter AMR system. This enabled us to continue being billed for actual water consumption by a 3rd party billing company after Unitywater forced us to change.
Ton’s approach was very professional and courteous and he worked well with our owners as internal access was required. He was clear when explaining what was needed doing and punctual in delivering the result.


Committee Chairman

Tony Casey has been a pleasure to deal with in helping us with repairs, replacements and calibrations to our water meters and AMR throughout our building. Tony is a true gentleman, professional and reliable.

Murray Carnell

Mantra Mooloolaba Beach

Monterey River Heights in Tewantin employed Tony Casey (Smart Meters) to replace 64 water meters so that they were complying with Unity Water.
Unity Water has now taken ownership and control of the water meter’s.
Tony had to cut concrete at 24 of the meters to accommodate Unity Water requirements. Tony was reliable and finished the job in good time and he was very professional in his approach to the job and dealing with the residents!

Ian and PJ Kidd

Property Rights Managers.

We recently engaged Tony Casey to complete much needed repairs to the individual water meters in a block of 10 units. Tony was very easy to deal with, had good knowledge of this type of work, and his quote was competitive. We will definitely be returning to Tony for any future work.

Tony Evans

“We have searched for age’s to find a company that understands our water metering and will calibrate and/or replace faulty water metering.

 Tony Casey from Smart water metering is the company to use. No complaints from us, professional and a pleasure to deal with.”


Tony has done several large jobs here at the Aquarius Resort. We have found him to be punctual, professional and willing to explain the works that he carries out. He has always done excellent work.”

Heather White

Tony Casey of Smart Water Metering came recommended. We had issues with water meters in our complex on the Gold Coast and we were fortunate Tony was working down this way. He knows his trade and took the time to explain how things worked and the issues we were facing. He is professional and does what he says he’ll do, efficient, punctual, competitively priced and no fuss. I can’t recommend him more highly. A really nice guy to deal with. We will definitely use Tony again.

Debra Conn

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